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Seeing Things: a poetry course with Esther Morgan
20-27 June 2009
Would you like a week writing poems with me in the South of France? I'm running a creative course at the beautiful Gardoussel Retreat. Click on the Events page for details

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Poem: The Reason

I'm a writer, editor and creative writing teacher. My first collection, Beyond Calling Distance , was published by Bloodaxe in 2001 and my second, The Silence Living in Houses, appeared from the same publisher in the summer of 2005. I freelanced for nine years after completing an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia where I also taught for several years and edited an annual anthology of contemporary poetry, Reactions. I'm currently an Editorial Assistant and Manager of the Historic Recordings for The Poetry Archive, the world's premier online collection of poets reading their own work. In April 2007 I began working in the world of museums, doing communications for Renaissance, a museum development project based in Norwich. I'm currently working on a third collection. If you're a reader or writer of poetry, or a teacher looking for ideas on creative writing, then my site is designed for you . . . (site updated October 2010).

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Poems from The Silence Living in Houses

Beyond Calling Distance

Find out about how living in the house that time forgot influenced my new collection, described by John Burnside as offering poems of "outstanding beauty and a decidedly celebratory wisdom".

I've selected a series of key words which touch on some of the themes that weave through the book.

Journey of a Poem Beat the Blank Page

Have you ever wanted to lift the curtain on the writing process? This feature follows the (slow!) progress of one of my poems from initial notes, through the different drafts to the final (?) version.

Stuck for inspiration? My favourite writing exercises will help you get going. The best poems inspired by them will be posted up on this site.

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