Beyond Calling Distance


'Esther Morgan's poems are full of hints and mysteries. They dance on sensuous feet while keeping a troubled eye on the music that keeps them dancing. But there are joys here as well as anxieties, and it is the two that amplify each other into such clear, poignant and resonant shapes.'
- George Szirtes
Silence Living in Houses
Silence Living in Houses
Beyond Calling Distance
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Beyond Calling Distance

Esther Morgan

2001 Bloodaxe Books

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Beyond Calling Distance

Beyond Calling Distance is my first collection published by Bloodaxe Books  in 2001. It was awarded the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival Best First Collection Prize and was shortlisted for the John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize and for East England Arts' Six of the Best Awards in the New Talent category.

The poems were written over a period of around six years. Putting together this collection was an unnerving experience as I began to recognise distinct themes and obsessions which I'd been unaware of when working on only a handful of poems at a time. Below are a list of some of the key words and images I discovered: you can follow them through different poems to gain a sense of how the book connects together. These ideas and images appeared unconsciously and I'm still not sure why I'm drawn to them: sometimes it's good not to know too much, for the writer as well as the reader!

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